Harbinger has a lot of fruitiness on the nose, many people citing mango, citrus, or passion fruit when they smell Harbinger’s aroma.  The malty sweetness is subtle but carries through the entire swallow from start to finish.  The malt character is accentuated by both earthy and fruity hop flavour.  The finish is clean and mild.  There is a slight lingering hop flavour on the tongue.  The mouth feel is medium bodied.  The colour is a nice shade of amber, with the foam being off-white with nice lacing on the glass.  This is an APA created with the intention of being slightly untraditional.  With a more focused “malty foundation” than most APAs it also has layered earthy and fruity hops.  It is at once drinkable, interesting and thirst quenching.


Reynard the Fox is light yellow in colour, crisp, dry and unfiltered.  The flavours are balanced with a modest hoppiness.  At 26 IBUs there is a little bitterness in the beer that compliments the character of the rye malt.  Reynard is medium bodied and thick, just watch how slowly the soft bubbles rise to the top when poured into a glass.  The addition of the rye creates a smooth mouth feel.  This beer has a full, long lasting, white head.  The aromas of this beer are also light and clean with a hint of citrus.  Reynard is a highly drinkable beer that satisfies both your thirst and desire for a beer with character.


EL BUSCADOR : A Mexican-Style Lager
El Buscador is bright in colour, smooth, and crisp, with a clean taste.  A refreshing all malt lager that is exceptionally delicious.  This beer pairs well with dishes that have a little kick such as Mexican dishes, Spanish dishes and BBQ.  This lower alcohol, 15 IBU, effervescent, lager is excellent for quenching your thirst without overpowering your taste buds.


One Offs and Seasonals
In our ever present desire to bring you fresh, intriguing, quality craft beer we will have a variety of One-offs and seasonals available for purchase in our brewery retail location and at select licensees.

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