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Beer Convos: Intimidation Factor and Bullshit Meters

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In the last two years we have attended well over 50 events. That might sound like a small number to some people but when you factor in the fact that 90% of these events are on the weekends and 60% of them are between April and July it’s a lot! Our weekends have been pretty full-on and we have met and spoken with A LOT of people. Literally thousands of people. KW Ribfest has over 20 000 people annually and we both worked all three days so we’ve spoken to heaps of people at Victoria Park alone.

We love going to the events ourselves whenever possible. We enjoy meeting people, telling our story and introducing them to our beers. We like learning about what attracts people to craft beer. A lot of crafty peeps say it’s the variety others say it’s the quality and many love to support small local brewers. There are lots of other reasons as well, creativity, branding, accessibility, community involvement, the list goes on and on.

I can honestly say that being a part of the craft beer culture was a big reason why we entered this industry. We love to talk about craft beer and the industry. Not in a hoity toity way. That’s not us. Truly.

Robin has lots of opinions on beer and it’s his belief that everyone’s palate is different, that everyone has their individual preferences and that just because he doesn’t enjoy a beer doesn’t mean it’s a bad beer, it’s just not his preference. He has little time for critics who pan someone’s beer. Maybe that comes from knowing the time, energy, research and blood, sweat and tears (Not literally. We would never put those liquids into our precious liquid) that goes into brewing that makes it hard for him to be hyper-critical. Unless a beer is infected or has off flavours (keeping in mind some beers are produced to have off flavours, such as diacetyl, deliberately because people like it) the beer is good, has merit and guaranteed there is someone out there who LOVES it!

At last year’s Tacofest we introduced a One-off Belgian Ale “Experimental Blonde”. Neither of us particularly loved it when we first tasted it but event goers loved it. It ran dry really quickly. We were shocked as it was not the beer we had hoped it would be but when, a week later, we took it to Because Beer  we had people asking us to put it into the LCBO, once again people really loved it. The flavours grew on us but we are still going to tweak it.

What’s the point of all of this?

Firstly, Intimidation Factor: when you feel you don’t know enough about beer and someone is going to call you out and tell you that you must drink water from now on as you are clearly not qualified to drink craft beer-you troglodyte. That’s the Intimidation Factor. You know what we’re talking about!  You’ve seen it in action.  You don’t have to know what diacetyl is or how it affects beer in order to know a tasty beer that you like. Do we want take more courses in beer appreciation, Yes! Does that mean you have to? No.

We don’t want craft beer to have an Intimidation Factor. We want it to be for everyone. It’s about enjoying locally made, products that you know had time, care, effort and thought put into their production.

Secondly, we don’t want anyone to ever think that we have highfalutin ideas about beer, ourselves, or our company. Someone recently told us that they have are good at detecting bullshit, that they have a low tolerance for it and they find that working with us there’s no bullshit. We aim to keep it that way.

Lastly, keep talking. Sometimes we think we are going in one direction and then our fans flag us down and tell us we are going the wrong way. Tell us what you want. Tell us what you like (tell us to get stuffed if we are completely out to lunch). We appreciate your feedback. A few months ago we had someone tell us that we shouldn’t make beer with fruit in it because “beer is beer and you shouldn’t mess with it”. We will take it under consideration. I think there are lots of you out there who might like a fruit beer but we won’t know unless you tell us. So, please keep the convos and the recommendations coming!


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The time has finally come! As of 4:00pm today we are open for business!  Feel free to hoot, holler, applause, shout it from the rooftops.  We are doing all of the above!

The other day we had a tweet from someone that said #howlongdoyouhavetowaitforneighbourhoodbeer – apparently longer than you would think. BUT the wait is over.

…and this is what you need to know.

Bear with Us, this is a Soft Opening. We just got our business license yesterday and our AGCO license today. We have one wall that needs to be painted, we are working hard to get there but we would not call ourselves “camera ready”. We will have a GRAND OPENING in a few weeks’ time.

We have a “Retail Store” license. This means we can sell you cans, bottles, growlers, kegs of beer. You can order beer for your event and you can make everyone happy by bringing some home after work.

We have a “By the Glass” license. This means you can buy beer from us and drink it by the glass. We are currently selling 10oz glasses of beer.

We will be getting our Tide House license. We will be getting a Tide House license that will allow us to sell full pints and alcohol from other manufacturers.

We will have food. Give us a little bit of time to get organized in the kitchen. Once we have it all together you will be able to come here and eat some delicious food while you partake of some delicious beer. The menu we start with will be paninis, pretzels, charcuterie boards and desserts. We are not fine dining, we are a bierhalle and we will supply you with beer friendly food.

We do fill other brewery’s growlers. No problem! As long as they’re clean we will fill them.

Our hours right now are 12:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Saturday, 12:00pm-6:00pm Sunday. Once we have our Tide House license we will extend our hours.

See our website, Twitter @Descendantsbeer, Facebook or Instagram for more information about Kitchener’s newest brewery.

Swag, Merch, Booty, We Have It

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Finally it’s here! It’s been a long time coming and an upward battle for me. My learning curve on this type of stuff is steep. I may live in Silicon Valley North but technically inclined, I am not.

Thank goodness for Oliver Ibanez. He has saved me in so many situations and written long emails outlining what I am doing and why I am doing it (that’s the part I really need. I can’t just do what you tell me to do, I need to understand why I am doing it), I am have done wrong and why it was wrong. Oh ya, and what I should be doing instead. He’s fixed my problems and had confidence in me that I could do this. He’s done a great job designing our  site and been a hand holder for me and the things I need to complete.

And now the time has come. It’s finally ready to go, our online store.

Descendants merchandise available online for you to order from your home. We have had so many people ask us about our t-shirts and hoodies and onesies. Up until now you could only get these items if you saw us selling them at an event or you contacted me directly and I met you at a coffee shop with items in hand. Now, thanks to the world wide web and some very smart programmers you can purchase our swag from the comfort of your living room and have it delivered to your door. Couldn’t be easier.


Not only do we have t-shirts, onesies and hoodies. We now have long sleeve shirts, more fashionable women’s shirts, iPhone covers, tote bags, and even a mug. What could be better than drinking your favourite coffee from a mug branded with your favourite beer? Synergy?  I think so.



Most items come in a variety of colours and sizes and all items make terrific gifts, you know for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (*hint, hint).

Check back often as we will update choices and add new designs as they become available

Reynard the Fox says “Get your Descendants merchandise today, it can’t be beat!”


We are so super psyched about this project finally launching that we may just purchase some of our own stuff online to test it out and see how cool, fun and exciting it is when it arrives at our door.

We’ll let you know via @Descendantsbeer how it went and if it was as exciting as we thought it would be.



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This is our new building at 319 Victoria St. N. Kitchener



This is what it looks like from the outside. If you are from Kitchener you have probably driven down Victoria St. a million times and never noticed it. Soon you will notice it and want to stop in all of the time.

On our quest for the perfect location we ended up with this short hand with Erik Dahm, our Real Estate Agent, regarding ticking boxes. We accepted that we weren’t going to get everything on our ultimate perfect building wish list so let’s just find the building that “ticks the most boxes” on that list.

Our boxes included:

  1. location-will people be going by or is it so remote that they have to make a special trip to get to us?
  2. zoning-are we actually allowed to have a brewery in this space?
  3. flooring-if they floor is made of wood and we are working with water, what’s going to happen? can this floor hold the weight of tanks? maybe. Can it hold the weight of tanks with liquid in them? That’s the $64 000 question.
  4. size-is it big enough to house everything we need to house, is it so big that we won’t ever need that much space and we are therefore paying for more than we need?
  5. price-will the business be able to afford it? How much construction needs to be done and

Those first 5 questions were the most important boxes. If one of these didn’t have a tick in the box it probably wasn’t the building for us. So many buildings were beautiful and we could visualize ourselves there but if it didn’t tick these boxes we had to walk away.

Some of the additional boxes we considered important were

  1. Accessibility-can individuals in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues access our retail location? Can people walk here from their homes?
  2. Aesthetics-does it look nice? will it cost a lot to make it look nice?
  3. Outside space-is there opportunity to add a bier garten in the future?
  4. Parking-is there enough?
  5. Atmosphere-would we, ourselves, as people who go out and socialize and enjoy craft beer want to go to this location?

There were other considerations as well but these are definitely the top 10.

319 Victoria St. N. is fantastic because it ticks the most boxes of any of the buildings we looked at and really it came close to ticking all of them.

We’ve been told that over 40 000 cars go by each day. This means that those people were going by anyway and don’t have to go out of their way to find us. We will be walking distance to King and Victoria. The zoning, obviously, allowed our use. In terms of the floor, we needed to replace most of it due to our weight requirements, drainage needs and liquids regularly sitting on it. The size is exactly what we were looking for and the price was withing our range.

We were thrilled that it’s one floor, easily accessible. It’s walking distance for so many wonderful neighborhoods including Central Frederick, Mt Hope Briethaupt Park, Civic Centre, Centre District, Victoria Park and many more. It’s misleading from the outside but on the inside it looks like a bier halle and we love that! It has over 20 parking spaces and enough room for us to have outside seating in the future.

As it stands right now it’s not much to look at




(photos with drainage installed, first layer of concrete down)



(unpolished floor vs polished floor)

But give us a few weeks and it will be fantastic!

Just look at our sign!


Already making huge improvements!

Can’t wait to post new pictures of how it’s coming along.

Challenges, Blessings, Regret and Gratitude

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Happy New Year Everyone!

We are so excited! Mainly because we are healthy, it’s 2016 and this is the year we will open our doors.

We had an equally wonderful/difficult holiday season. We saw friends and family that we don’t get to see as much anymore (we’re a little bit busy), we were able to get away for a few days as a family and we were hit with some dreaded holiday illness. Our NYE was spent at home with a fevered little guy and a mom with bronchitis. We missed out on some holiday cheer and excitement but that’s o.k. NYE isn’t supposed to be exciting when you have small kids right?

Miraculously, as of today, we are all better! Just in time to go back to work. We are super duper busy but I really wanted to fit in this blog post to let people know what’s going on with us.

We said to each other before Christmas that January, February and March are going to be CRAZY and today it begins. It’s truly so busy but I am not complaining it’s just that building something like this with your partner poses some unique challenges. Some of the challenges we face, beyond illness (Unsolicited Advice: Have a Good Naturopath, ours makes a world of difference) are how do we feed our family healthy food with limited prep time? How do we make sure our son is getting enough one on one time with mom and dad? Do we have enough clean clothes to get us to the weekend because there is no time to do laundry until Saturday? I usually sneak in a load or two on Friday night! But Saturday is laundry day around here. I completely admit that the laundry always gets washed, dried and folded but it doesn’t always make it out of the baskets and I’ve come to terms with that.

Sometimes we look at other start up breweries and say to ourselves, “that’s a good idea! Why aren’t we doing that?” or “how were they able to do all of that in that amount of time” and then we remind ourselves of this fact: Most of the small craft breweries in Ontario are owned/operated by larger groups of people (not all, Garden BrewersLeft Field Brewery and a few others are owned and operated by husband and wife teams as well). With Descendants it’s us. Robin’s parents have taken the lead on our LCBO relationship, we have great sales staff working with us and other people help us with specific areas of need (ever the teacher), which is an amazing, but 80% of what needs to happen in a day is done by us.

This journey is amazing but it is not easy. I don’t ever want someone (mostly our son when he grows up) to look at what we are doing and think it’s easy. I recently found this on Facebook and I’ve lived by it for years, it’s a big part of why we made our initial leap and a huge part of what keeps us going.


Another way we keep ourselves going is through Gratitude.

And now it’s a new year, an awesome year, so let’s count our blessings

  1. We are healthy
  2. We have a building that we love in a great location and it’s actually under construction RIGHT NOW!
  3. We don’t know our opening date yet but it can be counted in weeks rather than months or years.
  4. There’s going to be a new polished concrete floor poured soon. Yeah!
  5. Our equipment is ready to be delivered, just waiting for the “Thumbs up” from us!
  6. There has only been one “issue” so far with the construction so we are not that far behind on our timeline.
  7. People are genuinely interested and excited about our opening.
  8. People are requesting event bookings at our facility ALREADY!
  9. We have met so many great, local beer fans, and made so many great contacts local businesses.
  10. We are now registered as a supplier through Local Line. EXCITED!
  11. We are launching Reynard the Fox in the LCBO this Month. AGAIN, EXCITED!
  12. Once we open we are going to get to meet so many of the people who have reached out to us via Social Media over the past two years.
  13. Our families and friends have been so helpful, so understanding and so supportive.
  14. We are working with some amazing people who love craft beer, are on board with what we are doing and want to join us on this journey.
  15. We are getting El Buscador in cans soon.
  16. We live in a fantastic community that we love.

There are more blessing for certain but that list covers a lot of them. Most of all we are thankful for You! If it weren’t for people who enjoyed our beer, supported us through purchasing, telling their friends about us and sending us encouragement all of this would be so much harder and we wouldn’t be nearly as excited about any of it. So thank you!  We wish you a wonderful 2016 and we look forward to meeting you all when we open (soon).

and to our friends and family who are neglected. We will make it up to you…someday.

Finding a “Forever Home”

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When we were naming Descendants (which took ages and really isn’t as simple as you would think) I was pregnant with our son. We joked afterward that it was easier to name our son than our business. Mainly because the name for our son was personal and we don’t really care what anyone else thinks of his name. Naming a business is different. You hope that people do appreciate the name.

Finding a house for us to live in several years ago was a little difficult. We had some very specific requirements and there just wasn’t much on the market that met our needs. We were somewhat frustrated at times but we persevered and found something that suited us. It took a few months.

The reason I am telling you this is that the experience of naming our son was nothing like the experience of naming our business and the experience of finding a forever home for the brewery has been arduous, to say the least.

It has taken two years. It has been beyond a journey. It has been an Expedition. Sacrifices have been made, tears have been shed, arguments due to exhaustion, hunger and fried nerves have all taken place, storms have been weathered, folks were, figuratively, lost along the way. At times we sought shelter and reprieve in order to maintain mental health and stamina but in the end we kept going. It was our belief that a good location that “checked all of our boxes” (a term thrown around A LOT around here) was out there.

As much as we don’t believe in the concept of a “Forever Home” for our family. We may move several times, who knows? But for our brewery, that’s what we wanted/needed, a forever home (do you want to move those tanks more than once?).

I’ve had a press release drafted for nearly a year now. I just left a ____________ where the address is. We have literally, like I mentioned here looked at a gazillion buildings.

But today we announce! As of today papers have been signed, keys have been exchanged, our Real Estate agent has earned his wage and some fans for life (Thanks Erik Dahm).

I am so thrilled to finally make the announcement.

Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. will be located at…..

319 Victoria St. North, Kitchener Ontario 

We are so excited. We can’t even believe how far we’ve come, how long it’s taken, all of the things we’ve learned along the way and the great friends and contacts we’ve made on this expedition.

We can’t wait to get our new Expedition entitled “Construction” underway and start brewing creative, quality craft beers for you all.

We appreciate all of your support and all of the love you’ve sent our way.

Keep it comin’ because construction projects can be daunting.

We look forward to keeping you all in the loop regarding the building’s progress and the timeline for opening. We look forward to a Grand Opening in early 2016.

Lastly, here it is

The future home of Descendants Beer & Beverage Co.




We can’t wait to invite you in one day soon.

Robin & Lee





P.S. watch for another big announcement in a few weeks time!


Craft Brew Haus Oktoberfest 2015

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How exciting is this? The first ever Craft Brew Haus!

Oktoberfest in Kitchener (once Berlin) is a long standing tradition. It brings culture, excitement, tourism and a great atmosphere to the community. We have attended Oktoberfest for years. My first KW Oktoberfest experience was in 199? when I was a first year student at Laurier.

Robin and I have been going as a couple for nearly 10 years. We usually attend one of the more established Festhalls such as The Schwaben. We love the food (specifically the sauerkraut) The Golden Keys (Hi Eric!), the Schwaben Dancers, the atmosphere, the hats, the camaraderie. The only thing we didn’t love was the beer. It’s o.k. it’s just not our thing.

This is why we are so pumped for this year’s Oktoberfest. The BEER!

Your local craft breweries are organizing a one day Oktoberfest celebration! Saturday October 3, 2015 at Bingeman’s in Kitchener. Door’s open at 5:00pm.

Breweries that are participating in our Craft Collective are as follows:

Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. (obviously)

Innocente Brewery

Block Three Brewery

Grand River Brewing

KW Craft Cider

Royal City Brewery

Stone Hammer Beer

Wellington Brewery

Elora Brewing

Abe Erb

If you are looking for a fun, festive and exciting way to celebrate Oktoberfest AND partake in a variety of local, hand crafted, delicious, cold, fresh beers then Craft Brew Haus is your Festhallen!

So come out, bring your family members, friends, friend’s family members and frenemies. Entry is only $10.00 pp to come and get your polka on all while supporting local craft breweries.

Tickets can be purchased here.


Beer Branding: Our Characters

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We are regularly asked about our labels and graphic design. We receive compliments on it all of the time and we  are also big fans of it. We love the look of our labels and are more than happy to share information about our “process”.

The first person we worked with, to develop our logo and the Harbinger character, was Josip Kelava. He lives in Australia and worked well with us via Skype. He was very good at taking our ideas and turning them into exactly what we like. We chose him because of his very specific aesthetic.

After working with Josip (and having a great experience) we decided to look for graphic designers who were local to us. There is a lot of talent in this region and we definitely want to support local whenever and wherever we can!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we like Geekery. We’ve never been to ComicCon or anything but one of us has a pretty extensive Star Wars collection, and 80’s toy collection and the other used to be really into Star Trek, and loves Iron Maiden.

Each of our beers is a character. That will continue on indefinitely. We like to think of each of the beers as having a life and personality of their own. With that in mind we develop each “character” rather than a beer label. The characters have to be unique, visually appealing, fun and interesting. Each character has a bio. So far each of their names has a meaning.

Harbinger APA: The word Harbinger rhymes with “car ginger” rather than “car singer”. It means “a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another”. We chose this name because he was the first of our beers and announced that we are here now. He is pretty cool. He gets a lot “ooooh Assassins Creed!”. It was not our intent to develop a character reminiscent of Assassins Creed but it works for us if it works for you. (He was designed by Josip Kelava).homepage-logo

Reynard the Fox Golden Rye Ale: Reynard the Fox was introduced in June of 2014. The character is actually a Medieval Fable. He is evident in many cultures during many periods. We chose him because he is known as a trickster and pseudo-Robin Hood figure. Also, we just really liked the name and it went well with a rye ale. His image was designed by Jon Johnson  , also known as Bearface Johnson, from Kitchener. We have worked with Jon on several projects now and he is super easy to work with, has a great eye and is very patient (when Robin asks him to do opposing things simultaneously, “make it black and white and colour at the same time! jk).

El Buscador: El Buscador is Spanish for “the Seeker”. This is our newest character. He is not available in cans yet but we are working on it! Like Reynard the Fox, we really liked the sound of this name and the idea that he is a light, Mexican style cerveza because sometimes we are all “seeking” a light beer for refreshment. We had the idea to make him a Mexican Day of The Dead painted skull early on. The skulls appear as though they are supposed to be ominous and scary but their actual purpose is to remind us to celebrate life, take risks and don’t take things so seriously (which is a reminder that we need sometimes-beer is fun right?!).  This character was also designed by, the ever patient, Jon Johnson.Descendants-Buscador-CharacterOnly

We have a female character in the works. She doesn’t have an image yet but she has a beer style and a name (which I am not going to release now as it will steal her thunder when her image is revealed). I am hoping she will come out within the next year. I am pretty excited about adding a female character to our gang.

We don’t normally produce imagery for Seasonals or One-offs. Last year our Bootzamon Harvest Wheat was very popular and we had a design created for it. The design was a collabo between our Territory Manager, Jim Fay, and his fiancee Erin Jeffery, a graphic designer at Banyan Marketing. Bootzamon is a German, immigrant, farmer term for Scarecrow, hence the scarecrow imagery. Bootzamon is also not available in cans yet but we have had a lot of requests for it to be released year round so you never know what the future holds.bootzamon-beer

Our intent is to have fun, interesting, visually appealing characters that people can relate to. We don’t think craft beer should be pretentious or stuffy and it is our hope that our characters make our craft beer just a smidge more fun than they already are.

If you want to sign up for our mailing list (FAN CLUB) to get more information about our brewery, see our labels before anyone else and get the inside scoop you can do so at http://eepurl.com/bt6HTX

Welcome to our Blog

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This is the first official blog post of Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. I hope it’s a good one!

Pssst… we’ve been “planning” this blog for a while now but unfortunately there are never enough hours in the day. I (Lee) am writing the blog for us now but, who knows, maybe we will share this outlet in the future. Robin is busy with the logistics of the brewery and doesn’t have time right now. I have decided to take it on as a way to further my Town Crier status within the brewery, share information with our descendants about what is going on with us and maybe as a little bit of therapy. Maybe writing a blog will help me to reflect on our lives right now so in 5 years I will be able to remember this whirlwind.

So here’s a re-cap of who we are, for those who are new to follow/fan us. We are a wife and husband team (notice the switch-we like to keep things equitable around here) of Lee Brooks and Robin Molloy (Lee is female and Robin is male) who decided to switch up our lives and start a brewery. Sounds simple right?! Well… not exactly.

Firstly, we did A LOT of research into the brewing industry. Secondly we did even more research into Brewing Education.Then we did more research into the brewing industry. We decided that it would be wise for us to have brewing knowledge beyond home brewing (one batch of beer can costs thousand and thousands of dollars, off flavours, infection, etc. can be costly.  We decided that from a financial and quality control perspective it’s worth a little upfront money to have a Certified Brewmaster on board to keep our beer safe).

After a lot of research we chose the school Robin wanted to go to and moved to Berlin.Robin enrolled in the VLB. I am a Special Education teacher and I took a leave for a semester. I was able to teach at the Berlin British School while we lived there. We loved Berlin more than we can express (I think our love of Berlin will have to be a separate blog post). We met and made many like-minded friends who were becoming Brew masters as well and several friends who were teachers. We had a fantastic life-style there and we truly miss it (direct message me if you want me to gush about how great Berlin is and how you should definitely go and how you should stay longer than a week-we recommend 6 months).

Once Robin graduated we traveled around Europe for a few weeks and then we came home. It was always our intent that we would start an Ontario Craft Brewery of our own and we had researched the OCB before we even left for Berlin. Robin did, however, interview for a job with one of the big breweries. It was that interview that solidified for him that he wanted to brew his own beer, in is own facility, in his own community.

That’s when we started to plan a brewery. Which includes WAY more steps than you can imagine. WAY MORE! So, I’ll be kind and give you the shortened short story. We searched and searched and searched for a location. We bought equipment, we created recipes, we started contract brewing, we hired sales personnel, we (finally) got our Harbinger APA into the LCBO and now we are off to the races. Except for one thing, we still don’t have our location.

No word of a lie we have looked at hundreds of locations (hundreds) and we have found a few that fit, as I like to say “our purposes”. Our business plan has been re-molded more times than our sons Play-Doh (oh yeah, during all of this we had a child. He will be 2 years old in September and he is our joy and our reason to keep going on the days when we are beyond exhausted and feel like the universe prefers wine).

Recently our local newspaper, The Record, ran an article featuring us. They had asked us about finding a location because basically people want to know what is taking so long. There is a list of reasons why it has taken so long and I have at least one grey hair for each of them. I can’t go into all of them because frankly, you couldn’t handle the length of the blog post and I couldn’t handle the mental anguish of re-hashing it all.

That leads us (in the super short, shortened version) to where we are now. We are working from home while we try to find out “Forever Home” for the brewery. We are contract brewing with Railway City, and doing One Offs with Bell City. We are resolute that our location will be in the city we love and live in now, Kitchener, and we are plugging away selling great beer to great people (we now have three amazing sales people working with us).

We have a Facebook Page, Twitter account (@Descendantsbeer), Become a Descendant mailing list and Pinterest page that outline the events we are involved in, new beers coming out, One-Offs and all of the other great things going on at Descendants Beer.

We are super busy with a nearly two year old and a little boy as well (Descendants was incorporated in September of 2013 and our son was born that same month-a friend of ours sent us a note saying “congratulations on your twins”).  We are hoping our little two year old will have a home soon and we will be able to tell everyone where they can buy cans, bottles, kegs, growlers, soap, t-shirts, glassware, etc.  Until then you can read these blogs and be (nearly) as up-to-date as we are!

Last Words

It’s a lot of hard work and long days but to be perfectly honest we love working together, we love building something and we are so bolstered by and appreciative of all of the support the people of Waterloo Region and beyond have given us!

This is the end of the first ever Descendants blog post! No that you are all caught up the next one will be shorter.