Born in Dublin Ireland, Robin immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was 12 years old. He worked hard to perfect his Southwestern Ontario accent and did an excellent job. His family moved directly to Kitchener so he has been in the Waterloo Region for nearly 30 years. Robin attended WLU and UBC before taking a job with his family’s business and later in a bank. The banking world was no match for the allure and “glamour” of the craft beer world so eventually Robin traded in his collared shirts, ties and calculator for work boots, yeast slurries, hydrometers and …uh calculators (we use those a lot in this business). In 2012 Robin moved to Mitte, Berlin and completed the accelerated Brewmaster course in English. Since that time Robin has become Shogun, President of Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. and a stellar juggler (of all things business related). Robin still lives in Kitchener.


Originally from Lambton County, Lee Brooks came to Waterloo Region for the first time in 1997. Since completing university she has lived, studied and worked in several countries including Australia, and England. In February of 2012 Lee moved to Berlin, Germany to be with her husband while he studied to become a Brewmaster.  Life in Germany was wonderful. Lots of free time, lots of beer-loving friends to play with, a good job, little to no housekeeping, and pretzels! Lee and Robin moved back to Canada intent on starting their own Craft Brewery. And so they did, Lee is now working for the brewery that she and her husband founded together in 2013. She loves to work with her husband, she loves working with businesses and organizations in Waterloo Region and she loves how much fun the days are when you’re passionate about your work.