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Descendants local craft beer 16oz glass with light beer

Our beer

Discover Kitchener's Beer Shop! Stocked with Descendants' favourites, there is a beer for everyone. Brewed by us for you.

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Descendants local beer brewery machines

Our Brewery

Prepared, brewed, and canned to perfection, there is nothing quite like a fresh Descendants brew.

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This is how we brew it

Kitchener, ON water droplets icon


The foundation that beer is built on. All beer starts as water first.

Kitchener, ON malted barely icon

Malted Barley

The backbone of beer, malts provide the colour and the flavour for the beer and are the source of fermentable sugars.

Kitchener, ON hops icon


The spice of beer! Hops provide aroma and bitterness to the beer and are essential for a well balanced brew.

Kitchener, ON yeast icon


The magic final ingredient. Yeast consumes the fermentable sugars provided by the malts and creates CO2 and alcohol.

Descendants local craft beer Harbinger cans

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