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Drink Tab

Our Advanced Purchased Drink Tickets are only available for event hosts and are $7.50+tax per ticket. Included in these tickets are: 

- 16 oz pint of Descendants draught beer (high alcohol beers are not included)

- 1 oz Bar Rail - Rye, Rum, Vodka & Gin (Tequila, Scotch & top shelf 

liquor including Cocktails are NOT included)

- 6 oz glass of our designated our house wine (other wines available at 

regular cost)

-12 oz glass of draught cider

*Guest tap beers are not included in this promotion


Tickets must ordered at minimum of 48 hours before your event in order to qualify for the advanced purchased pricing. Please note, you will only be charged for the tickets that are redeemed so it's safe to overestimate. Once your tickets have run out you and your guests will be charged regular price for your beverages. Drinks that are less than the Advanced Purchase ticket price will be charged the lesser amount. 

Payment for the Drink Tab must be completed before leaving the venue at the end of your event. 

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Kitchener & Waterloo: Tuesday & Friday

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Order before 12:00pm Tuesday

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