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Where are you located?

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We are located in the wonderful city of Kitchener, Ontario. We are centrally located, 2 minutes from the Expressway and 4 minutes to Kitchener City Hall. Our address is 319 Victoria St. N. Kitchener, Ontario N2H 5E1. We are at the cross streets of Victoria and Lancaster.

Do you have parking?

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We have over 20 parking spots. We ask that you park in a respectful manner. We do not condone parking at any neighbouring businesses without their expressed consent. If our lot is full we recommend street parking on St. Leger St. and Ellen St., both are very nearby. There are also 3 City Parking Lots at City Centre Park (across from Centre in the Square). According to Google maps these lots are approximately 550 meters away. 

Here's a map to all downtown parking. The lots at City Centre are listed www.kitchener.ca/en/resourcesGeneral/Documents/DSD_TRANSPORT_downtown_parking_map.pdf

Although Descendants has parking, we do ask people to be responsible and take a cab, public transit, rideshare or plan a ride if they intend to drink. We do not endorse or promote parking at any of our neighbouring businesses without expressed permission. Descendants is not responsible for your vehicle being towed or ticketed should you park in any unauthorized location. 

YES! You can park overnight. We never want anyone to drive after they've been drinking. You can leave your car in our lot overnight until 11:00 am the next morning. Vehicles left on site after 11:00 am risk being towed. 

Are you wheelchair accessible?

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Yes. Our facility is all on one floor. We have a wheelchair accessible washroom and several of our tables are designed so wheelchairs can pull up to them.

Our staff have all received the AODA training as designated by the Government of Ontario. Our staff are always willing to assist any customer, please just ask. 

You can view our AODA Policy here.

Are you open on holidays?

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Descendants is open on all holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  If we are booked out for a private function it will be posted on our Social Media. The Bottle Shop remains open during all functions and closes at 11:00 pm. Each year we are closed for the first few days of January.

Can children come to the brewery?

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Yes. Descendants is family friendly. We often have family friendly events planned which includes children's specials and entertainment.

We ask that small children be monitored while on site. We have a change table in our yellow, accessible washroom, we have two high chairs, many games and colouring activities. Should you need anything for your children please ask our staff to assist you. 

Children under 19 years of age are welcome to stay until 10:00 pm in the bierhalle and 11:00 pm for semi-private & private functions.

Youth can attend our trivia and other games. They must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We ask that you use your best judgement, but recommend that children who would be out past their bedtime would be best left to get some sleep.

Do you allow dogs to come to the brewery?

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Unfortunately, no. We understand that you love your dog and we agree, dogs can be super cool, fun pets. We do not allow animals, outside of service animals, to come to our brewery for 2 reasons. 

1. We are a beverage production facility and pets pose a contamination risk to our production. 

2. You know, love and trust your dog but not everyone else does. Many people are not comfortable with dogs and other pets. For the felt sense of safety of all our patrons we ask that you not bring your dog into our facility.

We do allow dogs in our Biergarten during the warm months. They must remain on a leash at all times.

Our Drinks

Where can I find your beer?

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Our beer can be found in our Retail Store, some LCBO locations and some grocery stores, and various licensees, surrounding Waterloo Region.

I am from a licensee, how can I purchase your beer?

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Please email info@descendantsbeer.com and we will contact you shortly.

Can I rent a keg from you?

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As beer styles are always changing it's best if you contact us directly to see what is available. Please email info@descendantsbeer.com or call (226)-241-3700 with 5 business days notice to request a keg rental.

Descendants does not guarantee availability of any beer styles. 

Please note: Our staff will not inquire as to how you are getting the beer out of the keg. We do not rent out jockey boxes or picnic taps. We do know that some TBS locations offer keg tapping options for rent. Should you require keg tapping equipment, we recommend you secure the equipment before purchasing a keg from us. 

All kegs are required to be returned in a timely fashion. The date of return will be stipulated on your rental contract. 

*All keg rentals are subject to a deposit. 

*All prices and deposits are subject to change. 

Do you fill growlers from other breweries?

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Yes. We are in the beer selling business, so we are happy to sell beer in glass with another brewery’s logo on it. Our concern is cleanliness and flavour. We do not want your beer to become infected or develop off flavours because the container wasn't cleaned properly. We really don't want you to be upset because the beer isn't quite right when it was the growler at fault. For those reasons, please ensure your growler is cleaned and stored properly. We will refuse to fill growlers that are not sufficiently clean or have damage.

As of January 12th, 2018 we no longer accept growler returns. All growlers are purchased rather than deposit given.

Do you serve other types of alcohol & non-alcoholic drinks?

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Yes! We have a full bar rail. We serve our own beer, guest taps, craft cider, wine and spirits. We strive to support the local craft beverage industry whenever we can, by serving their products. We often carry Dixon's Distillery and KW Craft Cider.

We can serve many cocktails as "virgin" options and kombucha is on tap. We also have juice, and pop. Water is always available on the bar, self service.

Our Food

Do you have a food menu?

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Absolutely! Our food service is provided by Little Mushroom Catering. They have a satellite location called Little Mushroom Kitchen(er) on site. Food orders can be made from them whenever we are open.

Food for special events can be ordered through them as well at

Can I bring outside food into the brewery?

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We do not allow outside food to be brought into our brewery. Exception may be made for celebratory desserts with expressed approval from Little Mushroom Kitchen(er).

Nuts are never allowed in the brewery. 

Do you have vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options?

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Yes we do! Little Mushroom Kitchen(er) offers a well rounded menu catering to many dietary needs and preferences.

Events FAQ

Do you host private or semi-private events?

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These policies are subject to COVID19 restrictions.

Reservations can only be made for groups of 10 to 25 guests.

Please note, reservations for Trivia, Music Bingo or Buck a Shuck Oysters are also only made for groups of 10 or more. We have strict rules regarding these reservations in order to ensure we are compliant with the Fire Code/AGCO laws and equitable to those who want to join us for games nights. Please contact us if you have any questions about our policies or would like to make a reservation. Otherwise, the games seating are first come, first served.

We host semi-private functions for groups up to 80 guests with no rental fees. A deposit and minimum spend is required (some restrictions apply).

Please email us for availability, pricing and our event policies. 

Private functions can be booked at Descendants, we call them "Brewery Buy-Outs". A Buy-Out includes the entire building and has a maximum capacity of 135 people. We do not book Buy-Outs for groups of less than 80 guests. There is a fee and minimum spend for Buy-Outs. Keep in mind we do limit how often we book Buy-Outs so it's best to book early.

We do not book Buy-Outs on Saturday afternoons. 

Please Note: Food for events must be ordered through Little Mushroom Kitchen(er).

Stag & Does: Stag & Does are welcome at Descendants. Stag & Does are required to book a Brewery Buy-Out for any group over 80 people. Ontario liquor laws and Descendants do not allow Stag & Does to bring in outside liquor and we do not allow outside food.  

Will you donate to our charity/fundraising/stag & doe?

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We appreciate your interest in and enthusiasm for our brewery.  We are approached on a daily basis by many worthwhile charities to make both financial contributions and donations in kind.

Due to the fact that we are a young, small business we cannot afford to donate to all who approach us. We prefer to work with local, Kitchener and Waterloo Region charities. We regularly work with Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region, OneRoof, Spectrum Waterloo Region and more!

It is important to note that we have a policy of not sponsoring child/youth specific groups, teams, or organizations. We appreciate that these are worthwhile groups and we wish them well. We do not want to be perceived as marketing to children/youth. Thank you for your understanding.

**Please note: We do not donate to personal fundraising such as a Stag and Does. Due to the volume of requests we receive regarding personal fundraising, we will no longer respond to these requests via email or otherwise. 

Our Service

Do you offer tours?

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Yes we do! We do prefer that tours be pre-booked in order to ensure we have staff to accommodate your group.

Tours are on hold during COVID 19 Protocols. We will post when they resume.

I emailed Descendants on Friday at 6:00PM but I haven’t heard back yet

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Emails are responded to during regular business hours. If you require immediate assistance please call the brewery at 226-241-3700.

What is there to do at your brewery?

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Our location has a full bar, eatery, retail store, event space and biergarten!

We offer tours of the brewery upon request. We have corn hole boards for our guests to use and many games. We also have events/promotions going on most nights of the week, such as Music Bingo, TV Trivia, Trivial Dispute, live music and more!

Check out our Events Calendar for more information.

Do you accept American Express?

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Unfortunately, no. We accept cash, debit, Mastercard and VISA.

Other FAQ

Are you hiring?

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Maybe! If we are hiring, we will be looking for flexible, fun, energetic, responsible team members with a great attitude, regardless of the position. 

We do not accept paper copies of resumes. All resumes must be submitted digitally. 

Descendants strives to hire individuals with a variety of backgrounds and strengths. We believe a team with diverse backgrounds makes us stronger. Candidates do not have to be beer experts to work here. We ask that you have an interest in beer, a passion for learning and a desire to offer excellent customer service. 

You can send your resume to us via this link https://www.descendantsbeer.com/pages/careers

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