Meet Descendants

Our beer at Descendants Beer and Beverage Co. is a celebration of those that brewed before us, the original brewers. As their descendants, we aim to honour their work, experience their art, and tell their stories.



Harbinger is the leader of the Descendants. He is the “Seer”, the one who saw a need for The Descendants in Ontario and the one who sees all of their futures. He sought out each of the other superheroes and formed the Stammtisch, the counsel of Descendants elders.

His eyes are always focused on the future and what’s to come; he cannot remember the past. It is rumoured that Harbinger’s ancestors are from Koln, that he was conceived there and born in Canada. No one knows for sure where he came from or who his parents are. He is a complex hero with many layers and a frothy personality.

His many powers include the ability to see the future and tell of what’s to come, incredible taste, regeneration, the ability to bring people together for a good time, and immeasurable charm (he makes everyone fall in love with him). He has been described as a guy who pours clean and clear. He is citrusy and nutty at the same time. Not overly hoppy and a good guy to have around. His past is surrounded in mystery and only he knows what his future holds.

El Buscador

After travelling from Mexico, El Buscador has arrived full of light and exhilaration. He emblazons himself with hops, barley, water, and yeast to honor the beers that came before him. His name means "The Seeker'' and his mission is to seek out those in need of refreshment. He also seeks to help others get in touch with their mischievous and chaotic side. His appearance should not be feared as he wears his calaca (painted skull) as a daily reminder to overcome your fears, celebrate craft beer and have a good time!

Reynard The Fox

It's a tale that's been told since medieval times; the country dweller moves to town for fun and adventure. Only his story is a little different. Having been wrongfully accused of a crime, he has transformed himself into a powerful trickster who uses his clean and crisp talents, his full bodied power of persuasion, and his wry sense of humor to outsmart those looking for him and one-up those who are overconfident. He is both a patron of the arts and a champion of craftsmanship, forever looking out for the little guy. His true name is unknown, he goes by many names now, Renart, Reineke, and Reinaert but you can call him Reynard The Fox.

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