More Beer Styles Available in Draught Pitchers at Descendants Full Bar!

More Beer Styles Available in Draught Pitchers at Descendants Full Bar!



Hurrah, Hooray!

Pitchers of beer are here to stay!

We have had pitchers of our Ontario Craft Beer for a while. Up until only three beers have been pitcher eligible. Our "three amigos" (a short reference name we have to refer to our flagship Harbinger, Reynard the Fox and El Buscador) have been the only beers you could get in a pitcher. That's all changed!

Now you can get, nearly, all of our beers in pitchers! Seasonals, one-offs, etc.

Pouring a fresh pitcher of Descendants Craft Beer

There are a few restrictions, but they are reasonable and make sense to reasonable people.

1. We don't offer high alcohol beer in a pitcher-that stuff can sneak up on ya and we want to be responsible. We have a responsibility to monitor our patrons for intoxication and keep them safe, this is one of the ways we are doing that.

2. If we have a beer that's super one-offy, like we only have one or two kegs of it, we will make it ineligible for pitchers in an effort to share the experiential wealth and make it accessible to more patrons

3. A beer may be temporarily taken off the pitcher list if it is being persnickety and not pouring well. This is likely to be temporary so don't worry!

Pitchers are a great, economical way of enjoying our craft beers with friends. No matter whether you are here for trivia, musical bingo, a Saturday afternoon with friends, live music or a birthday party, pitchers are a great way to enjoy, and share, a beer you already know you love.

So, there you have it, now you have no excuses. You can get purchase a draught beer in 5 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz and 60 oz pitchers (yes this is Canada and we are measuring this in oz but that is how most of our containers come so we must just make due) for your convenience and pleasure!

Please let us know if you have any questions about pitcher service in our full service bar!

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