Posted 18 days ago
I’ve thought long and hard about what this last post of 2020 should be and... It’s been a weird year. We’ve had so many metamorphoses this year and so many challenges that no one could prepare for and we’re still here. To our wonderful team members who are the engine that keeps us going, we are forever grateful. To our amazing customers who have supported us because they enjoy what we do and they understand the value that local, independent breweries bring to the community, ❤️ forever. To our families who have commiserated & supported & cut through to the core of what’s needed when there seems to be a to do list that never ends and everything demands attention now, thank you ❤️! To anyone and everyone who has helped us in big and small ways, we have so much gratitude in our hearts. We know tomorrow won’t magically make the problems of 2020 go away for our communities but we are hopeful for a better year all round and you can never underestimate hope. Hope is powerful. January is a, typically, slow time for us & everyone in hospitality. Please continue to support us & other hospitality businesses nearest to you. If your friend is having a Birthday, send them some beer! If you want to celebrate Robbie Burns Day, order some beer! If it’s your anniversary, we have wine as well as beer. We all need your help! 💛 and we will all be forever grateful to the communities who keep us going. Happy New Year Everyone! 🤞 for a calm Winter and a Spring that has us all seeing each other in person again.


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