Finding a “Forever Home“

Finding a "Forever Home"

October 16, 2015

When we were naming Descendants (which took ages and really isn’t as simple as you would think) I was pregnant with our son. We joked afterward that it was easier to name our son than our business. Mainly because the name for our son was personal and we don’t really care what anyone else thinks of his name. Naming a business is different. You hope that people do appreciate the name.


Finding a house for us to live in several years ago was a little difficult. We had some very specific requirements and there just wasn’t much on the market that met our needs. We were somewhat frustrated at times but we persevered and found something that suited us. It took a few months.


The reason I am telling you this is that the experience of naming our son was nothing like the experience of naming our business and the experience of finding a forever home for the brewery has been arduous, to say the least.

It has taken two years. It has been beyond a journey. It has been an Expedition. Sacrifices have been made, tears have been shed, arguments due to exhaustion, hunger and fried nerves have all taken place, storms have been weathered, folks were, figuratively, lost along the way. At times we sought shelter and reprieve in order to maintain mental health and stamina but in the end we kept going. It was our belief that a good location that “checked all of our boxes” (a term thrown around A LOT around here) was out there.


As much as we don’t believe in the concept of a “Forever Home” for our family. We may move several times, who knows? But for our brewery, that’s what we wanted/needed, a forever home (do you want to move those tanks more than once?).

I’ve had a press release drafted for nearly a year now. I just left a ____________ where the address is. We have literally, like I mentioned here looked at a gazillion buildings.


But today we announce! As of today papers have been signed, keys have been exchanged, our Real Estate agent has earned his wage and some fans for life (Thanks Erik Dahm).

I am so thrilled to finally make the announcement.

Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. will be located at…..


319 Victoria St. North, Kitchener Ontario 


We are so excited. We can’t even believe how far we’ve come, how long it’s taken, all of the things we’ve learned along the way and the great friends and contacts we’ve made on this expedition.



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