Challenges, Blessings, Regrets & Gratitude

Challenges, Blessings, Regrets & Gratitude

January 4, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

We are so excited! Mainly because we are healthy, it’s 2016 and this is the year we will open our doors.

We had an equally wonderful/difficult holiday season. We saw friends and family that we don’t get to see as much anymore (we’re a little bit busy), we were able to get away for a few days as a family and we were hit with some dreaded holiday illness. Our NYE was spent at home with a fevered little guy and a mom with bronchitis. We missed out on some holiday cheer and excitement but that’s o.k. NYE isn’t supposed to be exciting when you have small kids right?


Miraculously, as of today, we are all better! Just in time to go back to work. We are super duper busy but I really wanted to fit in this blog post to let people know what’s going on with us.


We said to each other before Christmas that January, February and March are going to be CRAZY and today it begins. It’s truly so busy but I am not complaining it’s just that building something like this with your partner poses some unique challenges. Some of the challenges we face, beyond illness (Unsolicited Advice: Have a Good Naturopath, ours makes a world of difference) are how do we feed our family healthy food with limited prep time? How do we make sure our son is getting enough one on one time with mom and dad? Do we have enough clean clothes to get us to the weekend because there is no time to do laundry until Saturday? I usually sneak in a load or two on Friday night! But Saturday is laundry day around here. I completely admit that the laundry always gets washed, dried and folded but it doesn’t always make it out of the baskets and I’ve come to terms with that.


Sometimes we look at other start up breweries and say to ourselves, “that’s a good idea! Why aren’t we doing that?” or “how were they able to do all of that in that amount of time” and then we remind ourselves of this fact: Most of the small craft breweries in Ontario are owned/operated by larger groups of people (not all, Garden Brewers, Left Field Brewery and a few others are owned and operated by husband and wife teams as well). With Descendants it’s us. Robin’s parents have taken the lead on our LCBO relationship, we have great sales staff working with us and other people help us with specific areas of need (ever the teacher), which is an amazing, but 80% of what needs to happen in a day is done by us.

This journey is amazing but it is not easy. I don’t ever want someone (mostly our son when he grows up) to look at what we are doing and think it’s easy. I recently found this on Facebook and I’ve lived by it for years, it’s a big part of why we made our initial leap and a huge part of what keeps us going.


Another way we keep ourselves going is through Gratitude.

And now it’s a new year, an awesome year, so let’s count our blessings

  1. We are healthy

  2. We have a building that we love in a great location and it’s actually under construction RIGHT NOW!

  3. We don’t know our opening date yet but it can be counted in weeks rather than months or years.

  4. There’s going to be a new polished concrete floor poured soon. Yeah!

  5. Our equipment is ready to be delivered, just waiting for the “Thumbs up” from us!

  6. There has only been one “issue” so far with the construction so we are not that far behind on our timeline.

  7. People are genuinely interested and excited about our opening.

  8. People are requesting event bookings at our facility ALREADY!

  9. We have met so many great, local beer fans, and made so many great contacts local businesses.

  10. We are now registered as a supplier through Local Line. EXCITED!

  11. We are launching Reynard the Fox in the LCBO this Month. AGAIN, EXCITED!

  12. Once we open we are going to get to meet so many of the people who have reached out to us via Social Media over the past two years.

  13. Our families and friends have been so helpful, so understanding and so supportive.

  14. We are working with some amazing people who love craft beer, are on board with what we are doing and want to join us on this journey.

  15. We are getting El Buscador in cans soon.

  16. We live in a fantastic community that we love.

There are more blessing for certain but that list covers a lot of them. Most of all we are thankful for You! If it weren’t for people who enjoyed our beer, supported us through purchasing, telling their friends about us and sending us encouragement all of this would be so much harder and we wouldn’t be nearly as excited about any of it. So thank you!  We wish you a wonderful 2016 and we look forward to meeting you all when we open (soon).

and to our friends and family who are neglected. We will make it up to you…someday.



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