What a Year It's Been!

What a Year It's Been!

April 27, 2017


I don't have a lot of time! Time is always at a premium. Clearly as it's been like, I don't know, a year since my last blog post.    Sorry :-(


Like I said, time is a hot commodity these days but I thought it was important, as we are quickly coming up to our 1st Birthday, to take the time to say THANK YOU!


I work on our social media. Robin does not. He has no idea about our social media. Right before we opened, probably this day last year he had a little panic. Will people actually come to our brewery? My response, was a resounding YES! I have been on Facebook and Twitter and blogging (I did it a little more back then-we weren't on Instagram as we didn't have a lot of photos to share) and PEOPLE ARE COMING! He says "are you sure?" 


Up until the day we opened Robin lived in "construction world". All energy focused on making sure that the brewery was created the way we wanted and could afford and we were able to open on time-hahahahahahahahaha  It didn't occur to him that customers needed to know about us. That was my job.  I assured him that you were coming and that my biggest worry was running out of beer (I had heard the horror stories from others).


You did come! and you kept coming and you told your friends to stop by and you booked your birthday parties here and your staff appreciation events and then your Christmas parties and we were overwhelmed that you were here and we were ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY RUN OFF OF OUR FEET AND EXHAUSTED!  (I am 100% aware that that was a run on sentence but I am taking creative liberties, it's my blog!) But we were happy and busy and it was working (with obvious glitches, kinks, errors oversights and you know, the odd actual problem). 


The past year has been amazing. The amount we've learned in one year is immeasurable. The amazing people we've met in one year have been a blessing and the support we've received from our community has been humbling. 


So, as we approach our 1st Birthday Celebration on Saturday April 29th, with Special Guests, the Almost Hip, I wanted to say, with all sincerity, we couldn't do it without you and we appreciate you and your patronage so much. 

Now get your FREE tickets to Saturdays show and come and join us for a good time!



P.S. I promise it won't be a year before my next post. 



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