We Got Married!

We Got Married!

August 9, 2017

Well 7 years ago, but it did happen. When we were planning our wedding we were searching for the perfect location, just like everyone else. We had key items we were looking for and a budget, just like everyone else. Although destination weddings are popular there are lots of people in our lives, that we wanted to have as part of our day, that wouldn't be able to afford to fly somewhere for a week. We wanted something unique and we wanted something fun.


To be honest, we looked at a lot of different types of locations. We went to the wedding shows, we looked at the halls, golf courses, and restaurants. We didn't find what we wanted.


What we wanted was a brewery but we couldn’t find anything that fit our needs. There wasn't anything that had a craft beer vibe, enough space for a wedding of approximately 100 people, enough parking and a great menu all within our price range. We knew about Steamwhistle's gorgeous Roundhouse location but that was outside of our price range, “unique” often has a price tag. We looked at a rooftop in GTA, that I won’t even go into the pricing on it because it was, in a word, CRAZY! I wouldn’t have been able to afford to feed anyone or get a wedding dress if we chose that venue.


We wanted a location where our guests would be comfortable and we could have a great party. We wanted beer to be a part of the day but not take over the day.


Alas, we had to abandon our search for the perfect brewery location in our price range. We did not find what we were looking for in the world of craft beer in Ontario. We decided to go ahead with a wonderful venue called Walter’s Falls Inn. It was wonderful and we loved it and our wedding was beautiful.


We developed our brewery the way we did, in the location we chose (we could have opened in a much smaller warehouse or strip mall), to create the atmosphere and amenities we were looking for in a wedding venue. We have created a place that features the brewhouse but you can easily put a dance floor in front of it, rather than trying to have people dance in the corner or around it. We have a semi-private room for smaller events. We have parking available for guests. We have great décor and Pinterest worthy photo op locations.


When we make decisions about what goes into the bierhalle or the bar décor at Descendants, future weddings and special events are always a factor. Will the décor or addition be something that looks good for our PubStumpers trivia night, our Saturday afternoon tours and weddings as well? The key is that we are asking and always trying to ensure that this location, although beercentric, is welcoming so that your 90-year-old Grandma and your 5-year-old nephew can both be comfortable and enjoy themselves here. Our vision with Descendants is to create a space that is flexible and offers “unique” at different price points.


Descendants is a brewery first and foremost. We create our own, small batch, delicious, amazing, refreshing, tasty, Ontario Craft beer here on site every day. We also have fun events going on nearly every night of the week. But creating a place where weddings are not just accommodated as an afterthought but rather a key part of what we offer to our community has been and will remain important to Descendants management. Wenn 

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