Holiday Gift Guide For the Beer Lover in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide For the Beer Lover in Your Life

November 22, 2017

The holidays are quickly approaching and this means it's time to start thinking about gift ideas for the special people in your life. You know those people who love craft beer and love to try new things, ya them. We made a list for you to help you make their holiday extra special-You're Welcome!!


With shopping locally in mind, we've put together a gift guide to make shopping for the craft beer lover in your life a little easier. 

Being an independent, family owned brewery, we understand that shopping locally is imperative to the success of small businesses. However, there are lots of other great reasons: unique gifts, more personalized customer service, supporting local jobs, keeping money in the local economy and less impact on the environment! Plus, you get to avoid the crowds in the busy shopping centers!



1. A Guided Beer Tour

The gift of adventure. You can tour around visiting microbreweries and learn about craft beer! Partake in sampling without having to worry. We recommend Brew Donkey Brewery Tours for the KW region. 



2. Beer Jewelry

Enamel pins, charms, necklaces, rings, cuff-links. From recycled beer cans or handmade clay or glass there's tons of options! We recommend Pretty Pennie Jewelery. The tiny hops are just so precious! 



3. Beer Soap

Did you know beer is actually great for your skin? Hops contain amino acids which help with inflamed or irritated skin. Brewer's yeast is antibacterial and helps with acne. Plus, there's vitamin B which help to moisturize your skin. 


We recommend local soap maker The Eco Well! Bonus: They also make lots of other great beauty products!

4. Apparel & Merch 

An essential for any beer lover is craft beer apparel. Beer lovers need people to know that they love beer! You can grab them a t-shirt from their favorite brewery (Hint Hint: we've got Descendants T-Shirts for sale in our retail shop!) or something more general such as Bear Face Designs graphic t-shirts, pins and patches featuring "Drink Local" designs.