We had a blast at our NYE Party!

We had a blast at our NYE Party!

January 5, 2018

This year at Descendants we brought in 2018 with a Speakeasy New Year's Eve Party. It was an absolute blast!



Our staff were hard at work for days decorating the bierhalle to make sure it was perfect. Everyone brought their creativity and pitched in with designing and decorating. The space was completely transformed.



Our team snipped, folded, taped, painted, strung and glued to make perfect decorations. We certainly put the "craft" into craft brewery!

Our bartenders dressed the part and put on their best mobster costumes and flapper girl outfits complete with suspenders, pearls, beaded headbands and clip on ear rings. 



We even had a special bar just for "giggle water" with cocktails and shooters with secret names like "The Cat's Pyjamas" and "Bee's Knees".

The evening was a blast and we were blown away by the amazing outfits of our guests! We saw fur coats, flapper girls, mobsters and bow ties. Everyone was dressed to the nines to say goodbye to 2017.

Throughout the evening we were serenaded by the amazing Luke Cyrus Hunter Trio. Their jazzy melodies set the mood perfectly and they played a mix of speakeasy music and modern, danceable hits. Their version of Summertime was simply incredible. It wasn't long before people began dancing away the evening.

We had all kinds of props for the Speakeasy theme which really added to the fun. There were candy cigarettes and chocolate cigars, mustaches, feather boas and gambling money. 



The gambling money was one of the best parts! We had mobster and gambling games throughout the evening hosted by some very dapper gentlemen. From blackjack to horse races and dice games there was something for everyone. People gambled the night away and earned hundreds of thousands of Descendants Dollars! At the end of the night they cashed in their winnings for ballots and won amazing prizes including a Descendants keg and a growler a month for a year.