New Beer Alert! Betty My Sweety Sweet Potato Smoked ESB

New Beer Alert! Betty My Sweety Sweet Potato Smoked ESB

January 10, 2018

We are excited to welcome Betty My Sweety to our Beer Family!


Betty My Sweety is a Smoked Sweet Potato ESB with an ABV of 5.0% and an IBU of 66. It pours a clear chestnut brown with a foamy, off white head that slowly fades. Aromas are prominently malty with notes of dark, hearty bread, caramel and hints of stone fruit. When tasted a smokey bitterness is immediately noticeable but does not dominate the malt flavours of dark bread, and nutty caramel. The lower carbonation results in a lingering flavor and as the bitterness fades you are left with a smokey, sweet potato finish.



We're pretty excited about this brew because it is so drinkable! It has lots of flavour from the start of the pint to the end, but it does not feel heavy or hard to digest. It is a great option for a growler fill because you don't feel full after drinking just one pint.


This brew had a few extra steps because we wanted to use real sweet potatoes instead of an artificial flavouring. We started with a bushel of fresh, Ontario sweet potatoes purchased from a local market. They were huge and super sweet!



Next, our GM Melissa brought the potatoes to her dad Fred's farm which is just outside Delhi, Ontario. Fred was amazing and smoked the sweet potatoes whole for us in his smoke house. He used local cherry wood for more than 8 hours to give a lovely smoked flavor which definitely comes through in the beer. 





Melissa brought the smoked potatoes back to the brewery and our brewer Wilson quickly got to work with the brew. Wilson learned to brew in the UK so he was pretty excited to make an ESB. He told me this is a beer that makes him want to write home to his mates.


Wilson and Melissa chopped up the potatoes and added them right into the mash tun with the malts to extract as much of the flavor and fermentable sugars as possible. Wilson also used pale, chrystal dark and wheat malts in addition to roasted barley which resulted in the amazing malt flavours the final beer had.



The spent grains were full of potatoes! 



We tasted some of the sweet potatoes from the spent grains. They had the texture and the colours of a sweet potato but they had no flavour at all! All of the flavour was left behind in the wort. 


By now, the wort was a beautiful caramel colour.



Next Wilson added some hops to add bitterness and aromas to the brew.



The brew went on to ferment for several weeks before it was finally ready to taste. 


Betty My Sweety is available exclusively at the brewery in 355ml cans, growler fills and on tap. But once its gone, it's gone! You don't want to miss a chance to taste this unique brew.


What do you think about using sweet potatoes for a brew? Are you intrigued? Sound tasty? Do you have any ideas for a unique new brew? Let us know in the comments! We love hearing from you.


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